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City Hall of Benillup


The notification of the agreement of assignment of the rights of collection, endorsement, will be made through one of these two formulas: 1.- Presentation of the document (assignment agreement) in the general register, indicating data of the credit to be endorsed,...

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Magistrate Election

Election Judge de Paz, titular and substitute, by the Neighborhood Assembly of the Open Council. Related Links Bando Election Justice de Paz.

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Name of Deputy Mayor

Mayor's resolution, by which is designated Deputy Mayor, who corresponds to replace the Mayor, in all its functions, in absence, illness or preventing it from making it impossible for the performance of its duties. Related Links Resolution Alcaldia designation Deputy...

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Public Participation Plan Low Voltage Line Project

By decree of Mayor-Presidency of February 3, 2012, the PUBLIC PARTICIPATION PLAN OF THE STUDY OF LANDSCAPE INTEGRATION ASSISTED TO THE BAJA TENSIÓN AERIAL LINE PROJECT, located in polygon 2, plot 128, of the Municipality of Benillup in order to be able to know the...

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